Volunteer of the Month

September 2018
Ed & Vivian Foster

Photo of Ed & Vivian Foster

This month we don’t just have one Volunteer to show kudos upon, we have two! Ed & Vivian Foster are our newest Thrift Store volunteers. They actually came to us thanks to Vivian who was a member. Once they retired following twenty-five years of retail experience, Vivian told Ed that they should help us out at the Thrift Store. That was all it took. They first started out by bringing in store shelves and then by arranging the stock. Now they work 1-2 days a week moving the items from our center to your house. Ed was originally from Fort Huron, Michigan, and came west to Long Beach thanks to the navy. It was fate that the two met at the Central City Mall (the Carousel mall to you youngsters) where they both worked, each taking turns as the other’s supervisor at various stores. They worked so well together they ended up with six kids, fifteen grandkids, and eight great-grandkids! Thanks to Ed & Vivian for arranging our store and for arranging your time to help us out.

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Member Spotlite

This month we like to introduce you to Bill Robinson. Bill has been a member for over 3 years. He came to us after talking to someone at a pub. He asked them if they knew what there was to do in the area. Bill was told about our center, and the rest was history.
He loves Wii Bowling and has been doing it for several years. He is also anxious for the pool table to open up for some games as well. He did participate in the Pool Tournament and is ready to shoot some more. If you happen see Bill make sure to “Hi” and maybe give him a few more ideas on what he can do here.