Volunteer of the Month

January 2020
Lee Lombard

Photo of Lee Lombard

This month we’d like to give thanks to Lee Lombard. Lee is one of our Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) drivers. In fact he is one of our top TAP drivers, consistently in the top three for miles driven and hours. He came to the center nearly five years ago, just looking to donate some books, when he happened to see a TAP flyer on the board. He asked the Front Desk person what TAP was, and she took him straight to the TAP coordinator. That was all it took, and he=s been driving ever since. He now drives every weekday, and even on weekends, sometimes taking 2 rides a day. He drives all over the Inland Empire which doesn’t leave him much time to explore the fun things our center has to offer, but he hopes to get involved soon. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, his father’s travels in the Air Force eventually brought him out to March AFB in Riverside, and he=s been here ever since. He did a stint in the Air Force, where he got trained in Military Pay, which helped him after he left, to get into Money Management, which he turned into a 30 year career as a banker and financial advisor. Now single, he has a daughter and two grandsons. Thanks Lee stepping up big time into this important program.

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Member Spotlite

This month we’d like shine a special spotlite for a special lady on a special occasion. On November 11th Berniece Rhoda will be celebrating her centennial birthday! There will actually be two celebrations that day, as it is also Veteran’s Day, formerly Armistice Day.
Berniece started coming to the center back in 1994 when she began taking our line-dancing class, and officially joined the center a few years later in 2000. She continued taking the classes until she turned ninety-five! She also enjoyed taking trips with our Gadabouts. She loves to travel, having traveled the world with her late husband, Guy.
Bernice hopes to be able to come to our annual Thanksgiving dinner as she has for many years. While she still has a valid driving license, thanks she says to our Driver’s Test preparation course, good until she turns 102, she now only drives short distances.
So if you see her, make sure to stop her and say “Hi” or possibly Happy Birthday if she makes the birthday lunch.