Volunteer of the Month

July 2019
Charles Roberts

Photo of Charles Roberts

This month we’d like to give thanks to a familiar face, but one you might not know of in relation to the Highland Senior Center. Charles Roberts is the former editor of the Highland Community News, where he was a big supporter of the Highland Senior Center and would often visit the center to cover our events and activities. However when he retired at the end of 2017, he continued to support our center, but in a different capacity. Before retiring, he asked Jeff, the Outreach Director if we could use some volunteers, as he did not want to become bored. Well, he asked the right person, as he was immediately made a Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) driver. He volunteers to drive just about every weekday, and sometimes on weekends as well. Yet his helping us out doesn’t stop there. He also helps out in our Food Program, three days a weeks. He sorts outs the food we bring in and then helps us to pass it out to our seniors. We would also like to thank his wife, Myrna, who gives him time off from his retirement Honey Do list to help us out.

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Member Spotlite

This month we’d like to “introduce” you to another one of our longtime members, Molly Lopez. Molly has been coming to the center since the center was new. She was first introduced to the center by a founder, Wilma Payne. Unfortunately Molly was too young to join, so she had to be accompanied by an adult! However, once she was old enough to join, she did.
She did walk with the Striders, but health issues keeps her from doing that…for now. Now she mostly comes for the companionship, as she considers the center and it’s member as her family now. So if you see her make sure to stop her and say “Hi.” There’s an old saying that you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your friends. It looks like Molly found a way to do both.