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As far as new people go, you can’t get more new than Nicholas Morrone. Nicholas has just arrived for the first time to the center only a few hours before this spotlite. He first heard about the center from Jeff Novak, who came to his senior residence at AHEPA #302
Apartments so let people know about our senior and our shuttle service.
It sounded intriguing to him so he decided to take the bus, including a transfer, to check us out. So far he likes what he see’s. He joked that he’s a bit afraid of being run over due to our seniors being so active! Nicholas said he hopes to come back soon but next time he’s taking our shuttle. So when you do see him make sure to stop him and say “Hi,” and please don’t run him over!

(We are sad to report that shortly after this was published we were informed that Nicholas had passed away)