Volunteer of the Month

April 2021
Leisa Alexander

Photo of Leisa Alexander

This month we’d like to shine the light on someone few of you may have seen, but may have benefited from her volunteering. Lesia (pronounced Lisa) Alexander has been helping us out since 2020. During that time she has helped serve meals for Thanksgiving, Operation Senior Claus, and most recently, the Grab-n-Go dinners Monday thru Friday she can be helping out her sister, Mae Lucero, getting the dinners from the local restaurants, then helping to distribute them to seniors at the center. However, Leisa doesn’t just come here help to serve food. All that work can wear a person out, so when she’s not volunteering, she enjoys coming to the center’s Aerobics Program to boost her cardio. Originally from Meridian, MS, she and her two siblings came out Calif., to live with, and be raised by their big sister Mae, when their mom passed away. After she grew up she went to work for the Dept. of Corrections where she worked for 27 years before retiring. During that time she raised a son, who in turn, gave her a grandchild. Thanks Leisa for helping to ensure that our senior don’t go hungry.

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Member Spotlite

This month we’d like to shine the spotlite on Ethel Mohler. Ethel has been a member for over 11 years. Before the Covid shutdown, Ethel enjoyed coming to Aerobics, Yoga, Knitting, and, before the instructor moved away, Cane Self-Defense. Now with the lockdown, she has been only coming to the Food Program, and is looking forward to the center opening back up so she can start doing more activities.
Until then, she tries to keep active with skiing (when there’s snow), and going to the Huntington Gardens (when the allow people in), amongst other activities. So if you see Ethel, make sure to say “Hi.” If you see her on the slopes, get out of her way!